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11 Jun 2019 As the debate swirls around the legalization of marijuana in New Jersey, CBD, its non-intoxicating cousin, is becoming popular - especially in food. 6 Jun 2019 CBD is all the rage as a perfectly legal cure for anxieties, aches and pains for people and their pets, but the CBD in New Jersey is hitting the market as the Murphy administration tries to expand access to marijuana, creating at least some confusion. Coming soon: What is CBD and why is it in my coffee? 25 Apr 2019 Locally CBD – THC's non-hallucinative cousin – is offered up in coffee, at a local boutique and through While Montclair residents wait for the possible legalization of marijuana, an issue now on hold in New Jersey, one of  Not so with this coffee! Delicious, smooth, and very relaxing but with the same mentally energizing effects of your standard joe. The CBD is extremely subtle and non-psychoactive, but it definitely works wonders. Highly recommended! 26 Mar 2019 Three Ways to Try CBD Today in Bergen County, NJ. 19 Jun 2019 Industrial hemp has a long and rich history throughout the world. This is largely because hemp is dynamic and can evolve into products such as clothing, animal feed, building materials, bio plastics, biofuels, paper, fiber and 

19 Apr 2019 Although many people relate this to marijuana, it is safe to say CBD oil is non-intoxicating {it does not get you high} + has almost no side effects. So to put you at ease, please note: it is not marijuana and is legal in New Jersey!

14 Feb 2019 Marijuana comes from plants that have hundreds of chemicals known as cannabinoids. The two most notable cannabinoids are the psychoactive Tetrahydrocannabinol (“THC”) and the non-psychoactive Cannabidiol (“CBD”). 3 Jun 2019 GenTech to Launch High-End CBD-Infusion Café Business in Upscale Northeast Town food and drinks marketplace, is excited to announce the establishment of its first high-end CBD-Infusion café location in Montclair, NJ,  17 Jan 2019 By combining CBD and coffee, you can essentially feel more energized, while taking in the benefits of CBD. Come into The Coffee House located in Edison, New Jersey for a fresh cup of joe, and learn more about the benefits 

26 Mar 2019 Many retailers are adding CBD to foods. But the FDA rules are clear: “You can't add a drug to a food.” Still, there's something magical that happens when a few drops of CBD are added to food. It's in the muffins, coffee, and lollipops at the Hip Hemp Cafe in South Philadelphia. Though Pennsylvania and New Jersey regulators are turning a blind eye, it may become a source of serious