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Cbdrm training also includes lessons on the construction and maintenance of these flood-proofing systems, ensuring that they are supported by communities and remain operational well into the future. The application of Cbdrm is itself 'nested' within Participation and Participatory Action Research (PAR). PAR has become an invaluable and much respected (though not uncontested or infallible) approach to development in urban and rural… Pragya is a non-governmental development organization established in 1995 The book then lays out six models for implementing and achieving interlinked and integrated Cbdrm and Sbdrm based, in part, upon interview contributions from key stakeholders. Conduct training of project soum field officers on working with community groups, Cbdrm, and project outputs and activities (Q1 2017)

What constitutes sustainable and institutionalised Cbdrm? Project partners collected a total of 264 case studies of sustainable Cbdrm across the

This video highlights Cbdrm good practices for environmental restoration and reducing the risk of floods in a community living on… A special focal group within the PCDM (18 focal persons) will be the focus for capacity building by the NCDM and expansion of Cbdrm into new communes (including supporting new Ccdms to elect Vdmcs and conduct HVCA in these villages… To preserve the shea resources, the women of UGF/CDN are carrying out a number of activities: Currently this marsh is inhabited by more than 8,000 people over an area of 2 sq.km. When there are heavy rains, a canal passing through this environment discharges water on both banks, causing flooding, loss of material assets and human… In June 2014, IOM launched the Community-Based Disaster Risk Management (Cbdrm) project in Harange village. The project aims at helping communities to betterWhen Cbdrm turns Shea butter into the “gold of women from…https://gndr.org/1919-when-cbdrm-turns-shea-butter-into-the-gold-of…Following the second and last Cbdrm learning exchange in Burkina Faso from 7th to 9th August, Ibra Cassis, Communications Officer at ENDA Energie

This video highlights Cbdrm good practices for environmental restoration and reducing the risk of floods in a community living on…

Cordaid Ethiopia are masters in reverse cooking, where disasters are turned into opportunities for improving a community’s resilience.Protection and Restoration of the Féri-Féri Hill - Cbdrmhttps://cbdrm.org/case-studies/defending-restoring-feri-feriThe neighbourhood was flooded in 1993 and 1995, with major damage to the fields and even a number of houses collapsing. The Cbdrm process entails a thorough assessment of the community’s hazard exposure and analysis of their vulnerabilities as well as capacities. CBD Royal Medic. Genetika: Critical x Juanita CBD Royal Medic. Genetika: Critical x Juanita And finally, at the end of the course, all participants expressed their full contribution and support for DRR preparedness and intervention in targeted communities. Activity 2.4: Distribution of DDRR materials (First aid boxes and DRR…

CBD Royal Medic. Genetika: Critical x Juanita

At each annual rainfall period, several regions are subject to flooding, sometimes causing significant human and infrastructure impacts. Cbdrm activities mostly covered disaster preparedness, creating village level disaster risk reduction committees and building their capacities to assess local risks and vulnerabilities, raising awareness on risk reduction and disaster… Why did the Cbdrm intervention take place? Prior to the passage of Republic Act 10121, the primary policy covering disaster management in the Philippines was the Presidential Decree 1566. The Cbdrm intervention in the Beledweyne district in Hiiraan region of Somalia focused on conflict resolution, drought response, and flooding.